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Subject Code - KIN (Kinesiology)

Course Title
KIN 101Co-operative Work Placement
KIN 103Active Health
KIN 115APerformance Analysis of Selected Individual Sports and Activities - PERF ANYL SPORTS
KIN 115BPerformance Analysis of Selected Individual Sports and Activities - PERF ANYL SPORTS
KIN 151Biomechanics I
KIN 161Leisure and Sport in Society
KIN 190Anatomy and Physiology I
KIN 191Anatomy and Physiology II
KIN 201Co-operative Work Placement
KIN 215APerformance Analysis of Selected Team Sports and Activities - PERF ANYL STS&A
KIN 215BPerformance Analysis of Selected Team Sports and Activities - PERF ANYL STS&A
KIN 230Human Motor Behaviour I
KIN 231Sport and Exercise Psychology
KIN 261Health Policy and Society
KIN 275Exercise Physiology I
KIN 284Lifespan Motor Development
KIN 301Co-operative Work Placement
KIN 303High Performance Conditioning in Physical Activity and Sport
KIN 330Human Motor Behaviour II
KIN 343Human Athletic Performance
KIN 351Biomechanics II Mechanical Properties of Tissues
KIN 360Sport, Peace, and Conflict
KIN 361Introduction to Athletic Training
KIN 362Inclusive Physical Activity for Individuals with Special Needs
KIN 365Foundations of Coaching
KIN 366Movement Experiences for Young Children
KIN 367Leisure Services for Persons with a Disability
KIN 369Instructional Analysis and Design in Sport and Physical Activity Programs
KIN 371Introduction to Statistics in Kinesiology
KIN 373Research Methods in Kinesiology
KIN 375Exercise Physiology II
KIN 381Leisure, Sport and Popular Culture
KIN 383The Modern Olympics: Power, Politics, and Performance
KIN 389Neuromuscular Integration of Human Movement
KIN 390Human Functional Musculoskeletal Anatomy
KIN 400Planning Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Programs
KIN 401Co-operative Work Placement
KIN 402Co-operative Work Placement
KIN 415Conceptual Approaches to Games Education
KIN 456Field Experiences in Physical Education Settings
KIN 461Prevention of Sports Injuries I
KIN 464Health Promotion and Physical Activity
KIN 465Interculturalism, Health and Physical Activity
KIN 471Prevention of Sports Injuries II
KIN 473Neuroanatomy of Human Movement
KIN 475Pulmonary Physiology of Exercise
KIN 481Sport Marketing and Communication
KIN 489ASeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 489BSeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 489CSeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 489DSeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 489FSeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 489GSeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 489HSeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 489MSeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 489SSeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 489TSeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 489XSeminar - SEMINAR
KIN 499Projects in Kinesiology
KIN 500ASpecial Topics in Kinesiology - SPEC TPCS KIN
KIN 500CSpecial Topics in Kinesiology - SPEC TPCS KIN
KIN 500DSpecial Topics in Kinesiology - SPEC TPCS KIN
KIN 516Psychology of Leadership and Group Processes
KIN 530ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
KIN 530BDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
KIN 562Bioenergetics of Physical Activity
KIN 568Seminar in Human Sensorimotor Control
KIN 570Research Methods in Kinesiology
KIN 571Qualitative Methods in Sport, Leisure, and Health Studies
KIN 572Research Methods in Sports Coaching
KIN 585Performance Planning
KIN 586Coaching Effectiveness
KIN 595Master's Graduating Paper
KIN 596High Performance Sport Inquiry
KIN 598Directed Field Studies in Sport and Physical Activity Agencies
KIN 599Master's Thesis
KIN 699Doctoral Dissertation