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Subject Code - KIN (Kinesiology)

Course Title
KIN 110Human Anatomy
KIN 120Health and Exercise Management
KIN 131Systems Physiology I
KIN 132Systems Physiology II
KIN 140Lifespan Motor Development
KIN 150Sport and Exercise Psychology
KIN 160Leisure and Sport in Society
KIN 170Co-operative Work Placement
KIN 205Research Methods in Kinesiology
KIN 206Introduction to Statistics in Kinesiology
KIN 211Human Motor Behaviour I
KIN 216Biomechanics I
KIN 232Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health
KIN 235Exercise Physiology I
KIN 262Health Policy and Society
KIN 270Co-operative Work Placement
KIN 300Human Athletic Performance
KIN 313Neuromuscular Integration of Human Movement
KIN 316Biomechanical Properties of Tissues
KIN 320Exercise Testing and Prescription
KIN 335Advanced Applications of Exercise Physiology
KIN 341Instructional Strategies for Including Persons with Disabilities in Physical Activity
KIN 342Creating Effective, Developmentally Appropriate, Physical Activity Learning Environments
KIN 344Leisure Services for Persons with a Disability
KIN 345Foundations of Coaching
KIN 355Movement Experiences for Young Children
KIN 360Sport, Peace, and Conflict
KIN 363Leisure, Sport and Popular Culture
KIN 364The Modern Olympics: Power, Politics, and Performance
KIN 368Indigenous Sport and Physical Culture in Settler Canada
KIN 370Co-operative Work Placement
KIN 411Neuroanatomy of Human Movement
KIN 420Prevention of Sports Injuries
KIN 424Medical Aspects of Sport and Exercise
KIN 432Sport Nutrition
KIN 435Pulmonary Physiology of Exercise
KIN 438Skeletal Muscle Physiology: From Generation to Regeneration
KIN 442Planning Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Programs
KIN 444Exploring Alternative Methods for Teaching Games and Sports
KIN 459Psychobiology of Physical Activity
KIN 460Aging, Health, and Society
KIN 464Health Promotion and Physical Activity
KIN 467Sport Marketing and Communication
KIN 470Co-operative Work Placement
KIN 472Co-operative Work Placement
KIN 483AAdvanced Seminar in Systems Biology, Exercise and Health - ADV SEM SYS BIO
KIN 483BAdvanced Seminar in Systems Biology, Exercise and Health - ADV SEM SYS BIO
KIN 484AAdvanced Seminar in Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Health - ADV SEM INDG SPR
KIN 486AAdvanced Seminar in Psychology of Movement - ADV SEM PSYC MVM
KIN 488Advanced Seminar in Interdisciplinary Research in Kinesiology
KIN 490Directed Studies in Kinesiology
KIN 492Undergraduate Research Experience in Kinesiology
KIN 500ASpecial Topics in Kinesiology - SPEC TPCS KIN
KIN 500DSpecial Topics in Kinesiology - SPEC TPCS KIN
KIN 500FSpecial Topics in Kinesiology - SPEC TPCS KIN
KIN 500VSpecial Topics in Kinesiology - SPEC TPCS KIN
KIN 516Psychology of Leadership and Group Processes
KIN 530ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
KIN 530BDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
KIN 562Bioenergetics of Physical Activity
KIN 564Psycho-Social Aspects of Physical Activity
KIN 567Human Motor Performance
KIN 570Research Methods in Kinesiology
KIN 571Qualitative Methods in Sport, Leisure, and Health Studies
KIN 572Research Methods in Sports Coaching
KIN 585Performance Planning
KIN 586Coaching Effectiveness
KIN 595Master's Graduating Paper
KIN 596High Performance Sport Inquiry
KIN 598Directed Field Studies in Sport and Physical Activity Agencies
KIN 599Master's Thesis
KIN 699Doctoral Dissertation