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Subject Code - KIN (Kinesiology)

Course Title
KIN 110Human Anatomy
KIN 131Systems Physiology I
KIN 132Systems Physiology II
KIN 150Sport and Exercise Psychology
KIN 160Leisure and Sport in Society
KIN 335Advanced Applications of Exercise Physiology
KIN 490Directed Studies in Kinesiology
KIN 492Undergraduate Research Experience in Kinesiology
KIN 515Gap Analysis
KIN 517Business of High Performance Sport in Canada
KIN 530ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
KIN 530BDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
KIN 595Master's Graduating Paper
KIN 596High Performance Sport Inquiry
KIN 597Practical Applications in High Performance Sport
KIN 598Directed Field Studies in Kinesiology
KIN 599Master's Thesis
KIN 699Doctoral Dissertation