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Subject Code - LARC (Landscape Architecture)

Course Title
LARC 316Trees and Shrubs in Landscape
LARC 415A Behavioural Approach to Planting Design
LARC 431Landscape Technologies I: Site Engineering
LARC 444Green Network Planning
LARC 501Landscape Architecture Design Studio I
LARC 502Landscape Architecture Design Studio II
LARC 503Landscape Architecture Design Studio III
LARC 504Landscape Architecture Design Studio IV
LARC 505Landscape Architecture Design Studio V
LARC 511Introductory Workshop
LARC 515Planting Design
LARC 522Landscape Architectural History
LARC 523Landscape Architecture Theory
LARC 525Design Research Methods
LARC 531Landscape Technologies I
LARC 532Landscape Technologies II
LARC 540Site Analysis and Planning
LARC 541Landscape Planning and Management
LARC 542Aesthetics and Sustainability
LARC 553Green Network Planning
LARC 570ACo-operative Education - COOP EDUC
LARC 570CCo-operative Education - COOP EDUC
LARC 580BDirected Studies in Design Analysis, Programming and Theory - DST DSGN AN,PR&T
LARC 581BDirected Studies in Landscape Planning and Sustainability - DST LANDSC PL&SU
LARC 582HSeminar: Special Topics - VSUAL REP + COMM
LARC 582RSeminar: Special Topics - SEEING ENVRMT
LARC 595Graduate Project Part I
LARC 598Graduate Project Part II
LARC 599Research Thesis