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Subject Code - LFS (Land & Food Systems)

As of July 1, 2015, the IHHS courses have been distributed among the following units: School of Social Work, School of Population and Public Health, and Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Course Title
LFS 100Introduction to Land, Food and Community
LFS 101Principles of Microeconomics with Applications to Land and Food Systems
LFS 110Land One: First-year Integrative Seminar
LFS 150Scholarly Writing and Argumentation in Land and Food Systems
LFS 250Land, Food and Community I: Introduction to Food Systems and Sustainability
LFS 252Land, Food, and Community: Quantitative Data Analysis
LFS 302AInternational Field Studies - INTERNL FLD STD
LFS 302BInternational Field Studies - INTERNL FLD STD
LFS 340First Nations Health and the Traditional Role of Plants
LFS 350Land, Food, and Community II: Principles and Practice of Community Food Security
LFS 398Co-operative Work Placement I
LFS 399Co-operative Work Placement II
LFS 400Audio Storytelling
LFS 402Living Language: Science and Society
LFS 450Land, Food, and Community III: Leadership in Campus Food System Sustainability
LFS 496ACareer Development Practicum - CAREER PRACTICUM
LFS 496BCareer Development Practicum - CAREER PRACTICUM
LFS 498Co-operative Work Placement III
LFS 499Co-operative Work Placement IV
LFS 549Master's Thesis
LFS 649Doctoral Dissertation