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Subject Code - LIBR (Library and Information Studies)

Course Title
LIBR 504Management of Information Organizations
LIBR 514FTopics in the Bibliographic Control of Information - TPCS BBL CTL INF
LIBR 524Writing, Publishing and the Book Trade for Children
LIBR 525Illustrated Literature and Other Materials for Children
LIBR 529Services for Families and Early Literacy in the Preschool Years
LIBR 531Client-Centred Services for Adults
LIBR 545Adult Popular Reading and Media Iinterests
LIBR 559UTopics in Computer-Based Information Systems - TPCS CP-BSED INF
LIBR 575Academic Libraries
LIBR 579GTopics in the Management of Libraries and Archives - MGMT LIB & ARCHV
LIBR 580Collection Management
LIBR 581Digital Libraries
LIBR 587Preservation
LIBR 592Directed Research Project
LIBR 593BSeminar - SEMINAR
LIBR 594Directed Study
LIBR 595Practicum
LIBR 596Professional Experience
LIBR 597Research Collaboration
LIBR 599AThesis - THESIS
LIBR 599BThesis - THESIS