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Subject Code - MECH (Mechanical Engineering)

Course Title
MECH 224Integration of Engineering Concepts I
MECH 225Integration of Engineering Concepts II
MECH 227Approaches to Technical Communication for Mechanical Engineers
MECH 231Technical Skills Practicum II
MECH 410TSpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering - ENG IN SOCIETY
MECH 431Engineering Economics
MECH 497Research Skills and Data Analysis
MECH 498Research Communication
MECH 500CEmerging Topics in Mechanical Engineering - RESEARCH COMM
MECH 526Mechatronic System Design Project I
MECH 527Mechatronic System Design Project II
MECH 591EDirected Studies in Mechanical Engineering - NON NWTN FL MECH
MECH 597Project for M.Eng. Studies
MECH 699Doctoral Dissertation