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Subject Code - MECH (Mechanical Engineering)

Course Title
MECH 220Technical Skills Practicum
MECH 221Engineering Science I
MECH 222Engineering Science II
MECH 223Introduction to the Mechanical Design Process
MECH 224Integration of Engineering Concepts I
MECH 225Integration of Engineering Concepts II
MECH 226Technical Communication for Mechanical Engineers
MECH 260Introduction to Mechanics of Materials
MECH 280Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
MECH 305Data Analysis and Mechanical Engineering Laboratories
MECH 306Data Analysis and Mechatronics Laboratories
MECH 325Machine Design
MECH 326Mechanical Design
MECH 327Thermodynamics II
MECH 328Mechanical Engineering Design Project
MECH 329Materials for Mechanical Design
MECH 358Engineering Analysis
MECH 360Mechanics of Materials
MECH 366Modelling of Mechatronic Systems
MECH 368Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation
MECH 375Heat Transfer
MECH 380Fluid Dynamics
MECH 386Industrial Fluid Mechanics
MECH 392Manufacturing Processes
MECH 410ASpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering - PULP & PAPER TCH
MECH 410CSpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering - UNDERGRD RSRCH I
MECH 410DSpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering - ENGINERNG DYNMC
MECH 410FSpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering - UNDRGRD RSRCH II
MECH 410ISpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering - THERMAL RADIATN
MECH 410USpecial Topics in Mechanical Engineering - AIR POLLUTION
MECH 420Sensors and Actuators
MECH 421Mechatronics System Instrumentation
MECH 423Mechatronic Product Design
MECH 431Engineering Economics
MECH 433Biofluids
MECH 435Orthopaedic Biomechanics
MECH 436Fundamentals of Injury Biomechanics
MECH 439Biomechanics Research
MECH 445Fuel Cell Systems
MECH 454Thermofluids Capstone Design Project
MECH 457Mechanical Engineering Design Project
MECH 458Mechatronics Design Project
MECH 459Biomedical Design Project
MECH 460Advanced Mechanics of Materials
MECH 462Finite Element Analysis
MECH 463Mechanical Vibrations
MECH 464Industrial Robotics
MECH 466Automatic Control
MECH 467Computer Control of Mechatronics Systems
MECH 468Modern Control Engineering
MECH 469Dynamic System Modelling
MECH 470Energy Conversion Systems
MECH 473Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
MECH 478Internal Combustion Engines
MECH 479Computational Fluid Dynamics
MECH 481Aerodynamics of Aircraft I
MECH 485Aircraft Design: Structures
MECH 488Introduction to Ship Hydrodynamics
MECH 489Experimental Thermofluids
MECH 491Computer-Aided Manufacturing
MECH 493Introduction to Academic Research
MECH 495Industrial Engineering
MECH 496Engineering Management
MECH 502Fluid Mechanics
MECH 506Linear Vibrations
MECH 507Analytical Dynamics
MECH 510Computational Methods in Transport Phenomena I
MECH 511Computational Methods in Transport Phenomena II
MECH 514Linear FEA in Solids and Heat Transfer
MECH 520Control Sensors and Actuators
MECH 522Foundations in Control Engineering
MECH 529Modelling of Dynamic Systems
MECH 533Biofluids
MECH 535Orthopaedic Biomechanics
MECH 536Fundamentals of Injury Biomechanics
MECH 545Fuel Cell Systems
MECH 550CSpecial Advanced Courses - SFTWR DSGN MECH
MECH 550ESpecial Advanced Courses - PRNCPLS MECHTRCS
MECH 550ISpecial Advanced Courses - THERMAL RADIATN
MECH 550JSpecial Advanced Courses - DYN AERSOL&SPRAY
MECH 550KSpecial Advanced Courses - MECH BEHVR MANUF
MECH 550PSpecial Advanced Courses - ADV SOLID MECH
MECH 550XSpecial Advanced Courses - RES WRIT APP SCI
MECH 550YSpecial Advanced Courses - FLUID STRCTR INT
MECH 551Electro-Mechanical System Design Project I
MECH 552Electro-Mechanical System Design Project II
MECH 555Fundamentals of Microelectromechanical Systems
MECH 561Linear Elasticity
MECH 563Robotics: Kinematics, Dynamics and Control
MECH 572Convection Heat Transfer
MECH 575ADirected Studies in Mechanical Engineering - SFTWR DSGN LAB
MECH 575BDirected Studies in Mechanical Engineering - MECHTRNCS DSGN
MECH 575RDirected Studies in Mechanical Engineering - LIQUID CRYS MODL
MECH 576Combustion
MECH 578Internal Combustion Engines
MECH 581Low Speed Aerodynamics
MECH 582Experimental Fluid Mechanics
MECH 589Computer Control of Multi-Axis Machines
MECH 592Machine Tool Structures and Vibrations
MECH 596CAD/CAM Principles and Practice
MECH 598Research Seminar
MECH 698Seminar
MECH 699Doctoral Dissertation