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Subject Code - PHAR (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Course Title
PHAR 400Pharmacy Management
PHAR 402Living Language: Science and Society
PHAR 403Clinical Skills: Administration of Injections
PHAR 405BDirected Studies in Clinical Pharmacy - DIR CLINCL PHAR
PHAR 405DDirected Studies in Clinical Pharmacy - DIR CLINCL PHAR
PHAR 408Clinical Pharmacokinetics
PHAR 409Renal Pharmacotherapeutics
PHAR 414EDirected Studies in Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics - DIR STUD PHARM
PHAR 420BDirected Studies in Pharmacy Education - PHARMACY ED
PHAR 440Pain Research and Therapy
PHAR 442Pharmacology IV
PHAR 444BDirected Studies in Pharmacology - DS PHARMACOLOGY
PHAR 448Pharmaceutical Toxicology
PHAR 450BSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450DSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450FSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450HSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450JSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450KSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450LSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450NSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450PSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 452Therapeutics IV
PHAR 453BDirected Studies in Pharmacy Practice - DIR STDY PHAR PR
PHAR 453EDirected Studies in Pharmacy Practice - DIR STDY PHAR PR
PHAR 456Applied Pharmacoeconomics
PHAR 458Pharmacotherapy in Oncology
PHAR 462Non-Prescription Drugs and Self-Care of the Patient IV
PHAR 469Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience II
PHAR 471Pathophysiology II
PHAR 472Pathophysiology III
PHAR 479Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience - Community
PHAR 489Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience - Institutional
PHAR 499Cases in Pharmaceutical Sciences IV
PHAR 501Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics
PHAR 502Advanced Concepts in Pharmacokinetics
PHAR 506Critical Appraisal of Pharmacotherapy Literature
PHAR 508Advanced Applications in Clinical Pharmacokinetics
PHAR 533AClinical Clerkships I - CLIN CLERKSHP I
PHAR 534TClinical Clerkships II - CLIN CLERKSHP II
PHAR 535Pharm.D. Seminar
PHAR 540CTopics in Pharmacology - TOPICS IN PHARM
PHAR 542Central Nervous System Pharmacology
PHAR 548M.Sc. Seminar
PHAR 549BMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
PHAR 550ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHAR 550BDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHAR 550CDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHAR 550EDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHAR 560Advanced Economic Evaluation in Health Care
PHAR 570Physical Assessment
PHAR 590Research in the Pharmaceutical Sciences: Principles and Methods
PHAR 591Scholarly Integrity and Research Ethics
PHAR 592BFundamentals of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Disciplines - FNDMNTL PHAR SCI
PHAR 648Seminar for Ph.D. Students
PHAR 649Doctoral Dissertation