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Subject Code - STAT (Statistics)

Introductory courses in probability and statistics are offered by many different departments at UBC. For a list of these courses and details concerning restrictions on the number of credits students may obtain for such courses, see "Pairing Lists" and "Probability and Statistics" in the Science section. The following course is for students in the Faculty of Applied Science: STAT 251. Additional fees are charged for some courses.

Course Title
STAT 200Elementary Statistics for Applications
STAT 201Statistical Inference for Data Science
STAT 251Elementary Statistics
STAT 302Introduction to Probability
STAT 305Introduction to Statistical Inference
STAT 398Co-operative Work Placement I
STAT 399Co-operative Work Placement II
STAT 498Co-operative Work Placement III
STAT 499Co-operative Work Placement IV
STAT 549AThesis for Master's Degree - THESIS FOR MSTRS
STAT 589M.Sc. Project
STAT 598Co-operative Work Placement I
STAT 599Co-operative Work Placement II
STAT 649Doctoral Dissertation