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Subject Code - SURG (Surgery)

Course Title
SURG 500Experimental Surgery
SURG 502Surgical Core - POS Series
SURG 504Advanced General Surgery I
SURG 510Surgical Care in International Health
SURG 512Global Disability: A Surgical Care Mandate
SURG 514Surgical Care in Humanitarian Disaster Response
SURG 516Program Planning and Evaluation in Surgical Care Low Resource Settings
SURG 517Clinical Research Methods for Surgical Procedures with Global Surgical Comparisons
SURG 518Surgical Care in Canada's Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities with Global Comparisons
SURG 542Directed Study in Global Surgical Care
SURG 548ASeminar in Surgery - SEM IN SURGERY
SURG 548BSeminar in Surgery - SEM IN SURGERY
SURG 548CSeminar in Surgery - SEM IN SURGERY
SURG 560Global Surgical Care Field Practicum