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CPSC 221 102 (Web-Oriented Course)

Basic Algorithms and Data Structures

Design and analysis of basic algorithms and data structures; algorithm analysis methods, searching and sorting algorithms, basic data structures, graphs and concurrency.

This course is eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading. To determine whether you can take this course for Credit/D/Fail grading, visit the Credit/D/Fail website. You must register in the course before you can select the Credit/D/Fail grading option.

Credits: 4

Location: Vancouver

Term 1 (Sep 08, 2020 to Dec 03, 2020)

Cr/D/F Grading Change Dates

Last day to change between Credit/D/Fail and percentage grading (grading options cannot be changed after this date): September 21, 2020

Withdrawal Dates
Last day to withdraw without a W standing : September 21, 2020
Last day to withdraw with a W standing
(course cannot be dropped after this date) :
October 30, 2020

TermDay Start TimeEnd TimeBuildingRoom
1 Mon Wed Fri13:0014:00
Instructor: EVANS, WILLIAM

Seat Summary
Total Seats Remaining:45
Currently Registered:115
General Seats Remaining:38
Restricted Seats Remaining*:7
    *These seats are reserved for students who meet one of the following sets of restrictions:
  1. with one of these specializations: ****BUCC,****BUCS -OR-
    with one of these specializations: ****COMI -OR-
    with one of these specializations: MAJ CPSC,CMJ CPSC,HON CPSC,CHN CPSC -OR-
    in one of these programs: BCS -OR-
    with one of these specializations: MAJ MASC
-  Select one Laboratory from sections L1A, L1B, L1C, L1D, L1E, L1F, L1G, L1H, L1J, L1K, L1N, L1P, L1R, L1S, L1T

If all the lab and/or tutorial seats are full the department will ensure that there are enough lab/tutorial seats available for the number of students registered in the course by either adding additional lab/tutorial sections or expenadind the number of seats in the activity once we know how many extra students we will need to accommodate. However, there is no guarantee that these seats will fit your preferred time. You may need to change your registration in other courses to get access to a lab/tutorial where there are available seats.

Book Summary :

Title Reqd/Opt/Rel Author ISB
Data Abstraction & Problem Solving With C++ 7/E Optional CARRANO 9780134463971
Etext Rental : Data Abstraction & Problem Solving With C++ 7/E Optional CARRANO / CEI / 204 191 9780134477435