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HIST 403C 101 (Seminar)

Seminar in the History of International Relations - HIST OF COCAINE

Selected topics in the history of international relations. Restricted to fourth year students majoring in History or International Relations.

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 3

Location: Vancouver

Term 1 (Sep 03, 2019 to Nov 29, 2019)

Withdrawal Dates
Last day to withdraw without a W standing : September 17, 2019
Last day to withdraw with a W standing
(course cannot be dropped after this date) :
October 11, 2019

TermDay Start TimeEnd TimeBuildingRoom
1 Wed15:0017:00BuchananB316
Instructor: SHARON, TUCKER

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Total Seats Remaining:3
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-  Global history of cocaine This course explores the myths, morals and make-up of global cocaine culture, beginning with the socio-historical divisions between cocaine and the coca plant, Erythroxylum coca. We will follow cocaine from its humble origins in the Andes Mountains through a vast matrix of biogeographical, socio-political and artistic configurations, all the while asking what kinds of political, cultural and ecological conditions facilitated its global reach. Topics covered will include the geographical imaginaries of development in Peru's Huallaga Valley, once the world's premiere source of cocaine paste; the course and contradictions of U.S. drug policy through the twentieth century; and cocaine-related cultural productions such as the Mexican narcodrama.

Book Summary :
Title Reqd/Opt/Rel Author ISB
Cocaine Global Histories Optional GOOTENBERG 9780415220019
My Cocaine Museum Required TAUSSIG 9780226790091