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HIST 403H 201 (Seminar)

Seminar in the History of International Relations - GLOBAL 1970S

Selected topics in the history of international relations. Restricted to fourth year students majoring in History or International Relations.

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 3

Location: Vancouver

Term 2 (Jan 06, 2020 to Apr 08, 2020)

Withdrawal Dates
Last day to withdraw without a W standing : January 17, 2020
Last day to withdraw with a W standing
(course cannot be dropped after this date) :
February 14, 2020

TermDay Start TimeEnd TimeBuildingRoom
2 Mon10:0012:00BuchananD319

Seat Summary
Total Seats Remaining:1
Currently Registered:17
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-  In 2019W, the topic for HIST 403H, 201 is The Global 1970s. In the 1970s, fundamental shifts in the global economic, social, and geo-political order surfaced, challenging the post-war prosperity and certainties of Europeans and North Americans. Some historians have called the 1970s a decade of crisis, others consider the decade a harbinger of crises and dilemmas to come (and still coming). This seminar examines the intertwined economic, ecological, and diplomatic challenges of the 1970s, as well as global, national, and local responses to those challenges. Our readings will focus on de-industrialization in North America and Europe, the energy crisis of 1973-74, the challenges of population growth for global cities, and the United Nations conferences that attempted to formulate global&~ responses to these economic, social, and environmental challenges. The course will have a substantial research component, with each student expected to become an expert on a topic of their choice, using both primary and secondary sources to prepare a 15-20 page research paper.

Book Summary :
Title Reqd/Opt/Rel Author ISB
Shock of The Global : The 1970S in Perspective Required FERGUSON / MAIER (EDS) 9780674061866