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PHIL 532A Ethical Theory and Practice - ETHIC THRY&PRAC

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 3

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PHIL 532A 001Seminar2 Mon Thu14:0017:00

This section will be held in BUCH D324. PHIL532A 001: Ethical Theory and Practice: Sexual Consent. This is a graduate seminar, primarily for graduate students in philosophy. The topic is the philosophy of sexual consent, particularly the ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology of consent. Questions to be considered include: What is sexual consent? Is it a kind of speech act? A relation between individuals? Or something more like a mental state? What conditions are necessary for consent to be genuine? (Can consent be coerced or reluctant? Is all consent enthusiastic consent?) Besides the difference in subject matter, are there important differences between sexual consent and other kinds of consent? What is the moral significance of consent? Consent is widely thought to play a central role i and ~

n demarcating sexual assault, but some activists and scholars have argued that some cases of sexual contact, though consensual, are nevertheless morally problematic in a way similar to sexual assaults. Does emphasizing sexual consent yield an inappropriately transactional or legalistic approach to sexual ethics? How can sexual actors recognize genuine cases of sexual consent? Given the high moral stakes, what kind of assurance of consent is necessary for permissible or appropriate sexual activity?