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Subject Code - PHRM (Pharmacy)

Course Title
PHRM 171Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience - Outpatient I
PHRM 271Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience - Outpatient II
PHRM 272Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience - Inpatient
PHRM 300Special Topics
PHRM 300BSpecial Topics - SPCL TPCS
PHRM 302BDirected Studies in Clinical Pharmacy - DIR CLINCL PHAR
PHRM 304ADirected Studies in Pharmacy Education - PHARMACY ED
PHRM 304BDirected Studies in Pharmacy Education - PHARMACY ED
PHRM 305BDirected Studies in Pharmacology - DS PHARMACOLOGY
PHRM 306BDirected Studies in Pharmacy Practice - DIR STDY PHAR PR
PHRM 371Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience - Outpatient III
PHRM 453Applied Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacogenomics
PHRM 461Pharmacotherapeutics 1
PHRM 462Pharmacotherapeutics 2
PHRM 465Pharmacotherapeutics 5
PHRM 468Pharmacotherapeutics 8
PHRM 469Pharmacotherapeutics 9