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Subject Code - HIST (History)

Course Title
HIST 103World History Since 1900
HIST 106Global Environmental History
HIST 109Cultural Histories of Media: From Writing to Tweeting
HIST 235History of Canada: Moments that Matter
HIST 319Britain, 1945 to the Present
HIST 325Canada 1896-1945: Boom, Bust and War
HIST 338American Modernity: The United States, 1890-1945
HIST 369Europe, 1900-1950
HIST 378History of Early China
HIST 390ATopics in History - TOPICS IN HIST
HIST 394Darwin, Evolution, and Modern History
HIST 403KSeminar in the History of International Relations - INTRNATNL RELTNS
HIST 425War and Society
HIST 441History of the Holocaust
HIST 460Revolution and Resistance in the Third World
HIST 549Master's Thesis
HIST 649Doctoral Dissertation