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Subject Code - BMEG (Biomedical Engineering)

Course Title
BMEG 101Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
BMEG 102Biomedical Engineering Lab
BMEG 201Technical Communication for Biomedical Engineers
BMEG 210Thermodynamics in Biomedical Engineering
BMEG 220Circuits and Electromagnetics with Application to Biomedical Engineering
BMEG 230Biomechanics I
BMEG 245The Fundamental Units of Life: From Cells To Systems
BMEG 250Cellular Physiology and Biophysics
BMEG 257Biomedical Engineering Design I
BMEG 310Introduction to Bioinformatics
BMEG 320Bioengineering Feedback Systems and Controls
BMEG 330Biomechanics II
BMEG 350Human Structure/Function from Cells to Systems
BMEG 357Biomedical Engineering Design II
BMEG 370Cellular Responses to Forces and Biomaterials
BMEG 371Transport Phenomena within Cells and Tissues
BMEG 373Microfluidics
BMEG 410Biomedical Equipment, Physiology, and Anatomy
BMEG 456Clinical and Industrial Biomedical Engineering
BMEG 500Orientation to Clinical Environment
BMEG 501Interdisciplinary Team Project in Medical Technology Innovation
BMEG 510Anatomy and Physiology with Applications to Biomedical Devices
BMEG 511Fundamentals of Applied Pathophysiology in Biomedical Engineering
BMEG 550Biomedical Engineering Technology
BMEG 554ADirected Studies in Biomedical Engineering - DR STD BIOMD ENG
BMEG 554BDirected Studies in Biomedical Engineering - DR STD BIOMD ENG
BMEG 554CDirected Studies in Biomedical Engineering - DR STD BIOMD ENG
BMEG 556Clinical and Industrial Biomedical Engineering
BMEG 557Statistical Methods for Evaluating Medical Technologies
BMEG 590Biomedical Engineering Professional Skills
BMEG 591ATopics in Biomedical Engineering - SIGNATURE
BMEG 591BTopics in Biomedical Engineering - PROCESS
BMEG 591MTopics in Biomedical Engineering - TPCS BIOMED ENG
BMEG 597Master of Engineering Project
BMEG 598Biomedical Engineering Seminar
BMEG 599M.A. Sc. Thesis
BMEG 699Doctoral Dissertation