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ARTH 339 19th-Century Art and Social Space

Ideologies of gender, class, race, ethnicity, and economics in 19th-century European and American visual culture.

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Credits: 3

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BlockedARTH 339 001Lecture1 Tue Thu12:3014:00

ARTH 339 explores transformations in European visual culture and society from roughly 1830 to 1900. As this was an era when aristocratic culture was challenged by new publics, new media, and entertainments for the masses, our survey will consider developments in painting, print, photography, urban design, exhibitions, celebrity, publicity, and early cinema. Our discussions will focus on the emergence of modernity, modernism, consumerism, and commercial visual attractions in the metropolitan centres of Paris, London, and Vienna. However, we will also interrogate the global ambitions, racial and gender biases, exploitative and imperial perspectives of these self-proclaimed "capitals of modernity," as evidenced for example in the world's fairs, social-scientific uses of photography, and ava and ~

nt-garde primitivism.

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