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CPEN 331 Operating Systems

Operating systems, their design and their implementation. Process concurrency, synchronization, communication and scheduling. Device drivers, memory management, virtual memory, file systems, networking and security.

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 4

Pre-reqs: CPSC 261 and one of EECE 210, CPEN 221, EECE 309.

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
CPEN 331 101Web-Oriented Course1 Fri11:0013:00
Web-Oriented Course1 Fri15:0016:00
RestrictedCPEN 331 L1AWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri17:0020:00
STTCPEN 331 L1BWeb-Oriented Course1 Tue17:0020:00
RestrictedCPEN 331 L1CWeb-Oriented Course1 Tue17:3020:30
CPEN 331 L1DWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri17:0020:00
CPEN 331 L1WWaiting List1 Thu
CPEN 331 1W1Waiting List1
CPEN 331 L1WWaiting List1 Thu