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Subject Code - FIST (Film Studies)

Course Title
FIST 100Introduction to Film Studies
FIST 200Introduction to Canadian Cinema
FIST 210Early Cinema
FIST 220Hollywood Cinema 1930-1960
FIST 230Introduction to Asian Cinema
FIST 240Media Industries
FIST 331Studies in Film Theory
FIST 332AStudies in Genre or Period - STDY GENRE/PERIO
FIST 334Seminar in Documentary
FIST 336ASeminar in European Cinema - EUROPEAN CINEMA
FIST 338AAsian and Australasian Cinema - ASIAN & AUST CIN
FIST 340Media Audiences
FIST 430AStudies in Auteurism - STDY AUTEURISM
FIST 432ASeminar in Motion Picture Forms - SEM MTN PIC FORM
FIST 434GStudies in Film - STUDIES IN FILM
FIST 436ASeminar in American Cinema Since 1960 - AMER CIN 1960 –
FIST 445Majors and Honours Seminar
FIST 449Honours Essay
FIST 510Advanced Theory, Film and Media
FIST 520Advanced Film and Media Criticism
FIST 531Seminar: Styles in Film
FIST 532Seminar: Study of Major Film Artists
FIST 547ADirected Studies in Film - DIRECTED ST FILM
FIST 547BDirected Studies in Film - DIRECTED ST FILM
FIST 649Doctoral Dissertation