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APSC 201 Technical Communication

Written and oral communication in engineering. Report preparation, business correspondence, and oral presentation of technical material.

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 3

Pre-reqs: APSC 176.

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
FullAPSC 201 201Lecture2 Mon Fri8:009:30
BlockedAPSC 201 202Lecture2 Tue8:009:30

This section is not available for registration

Lecture2 Wed14:0015:30

This section is not available for registration

FullAPSC 201 203Lecture2 Wed8:009:30
Lecture2 Fri9:3011:00
APSC 201 204Lecture2 Wed9:3011:00
Lecture2 Fri9:0010:30
FullAPSC 201 205Lecture2 Mon Tue10:0011:30
BlockedAPSC 201 206Lecture2 Mon11:3013:00
Lecture2 Tue13:0014:30
FullAPSC 201 207Lecture2 Mon9:0010:30
Lecture2 Tue10:0011:30
APSC 201 208Lecture2 Mon8:009:30
Lecture2 Wed15:0016:30
FullAPSC 201 209Web-Oriented Course2 Mon Wed18:0019:30
FullAPSC 201 210Web-Oriented Course2 Tue Thu18:0019:30