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Subject Code - FREN (French)

After successfully completing French courses at the 200-level or above, students can no longer take 100-level French courses for credit.

Course Title
FREN 101Elementary French I
FREN 102Elementary French II
FREN 103Upper Elementary French I
FREN 104Upper Elementary French II
FREN 122Intermediate French I
FREN 123Intermediate French II
FREN 215Oral French Practice II
FREN 222French Language and Style I
FREN 223French Language and Style II
FREN 327Studies in Cinema
FREN 327AStudies in Cinema - STUD IN CINEMA
FREN 338French Society and Culture
FREN 344Techniques of Oral Expression in French I
FREN 353French Grammar
FREN 355Advanced Composition
FREN 380BSelected Studies in French - FRE CAN CULTURE
FREN 420Selected Topics in French Literature and Culture
FREN 420DSelected Topics in French Literature and Culture - MADNS TRNSGRN
FREN 421For Adults Only: Fairy Tales in 17th and 18th Century France
FREN 444French for Work: Professional Oral Performance