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Welcome to UBC's Course Schedule. On this site you will be able to browse courses, save them to a worklist, view them in a timetable and even register for them!

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Important notes about the Course Schedule

Class times and course information may change for 2020 Winter Session courses.

Please check your worklist on the Course Schedule regularly for waitlist and section changes.

See when you'll be notified of your registration date. Click for Vancouver or Okanagan.

All 2020 Winter Term 1 in-person courses are now delivered online as Web Oriented courses. You may also have to select a workshop, discussion, tutorial, or lab component for some courses.

Only courses listed with an on-campus location will be taught in-person and are subject to change to accommodate physical distancing requirements.

Registration Reminder: One-hour courses are actually only 50 minutes long and one-and-a-half-hour classes are 80 minutes long so you have time to get to your next class

Getting started:

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These services will allow you to browse through courses, standard timetables and specializations offered for the selected campus and session. You can also search for courses which meet various criteria as well as courses taught by specific instructors.

If you are logged in, you can view your program and registration information. You can add/drop and switch course sections, view your registered courses, timetable and booklist. You can also create worklists to facilitate the registration process.


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