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Subject Code - HIST (History)

Course Title
HIST 110Survey of the Ancient World
HIST 115World History from First to Second World War
HIST 116History of Western Civilization,1450-1789
HIST 119Medieval Europe
HIST 122Canada Since 1867
HIST 126History of Western Civilization, 1789 to Present
HIST 145Contemporary World History
HIST 211The United States to 1865
HIST 215Technology in History
HIST 305British Imperial History up to 1783
HIST 307French North America to 1803
HIST 309The Rise of Modern Science
HIST 312British Imperial History, 1783-1950
HIST 325Europe in 1215
HIST 331The United States, 1865-1896
HIST 343Tudor England, 1485-1603
HIST 352Class and Culture in Latin America
HIST 381ESpecial Topics in Economic History - CHINA IN AFRICA
HIST 382DSpecial Topics in Political History - BALKAN PWDR KEG
HIST 383BSpecial Topics in Social and Cultural History - SPANISH INQ
HIST 412ATopics in the History of International Relations - HST INTL RLATNS
HIST 424Women in the Middle Ages
HIST 430ATopics in the History of Migration - TPCS HIST MIGRTN
HIST 444Slave Societies in the Americas
HIST 468International Relations of the Great Powers of the 20th Century to 1939
HIST 469International Relations of the Great Powers of the 20th Century from 1939
HIST 473War and Society from the 18th to 20th Centuries
HIST 491Directed Studies: Readings
HIST 492History, Theory, and Method
HIST 499Undergraduate Honours Thesis