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Subject Code - ENDS (Environmental Design)

Course Title
ENDS 101Introductory Workshop
ENDS 110Measured Architectural Drafting
ENDS 211Introduction to Environmental Design
ENDS 220Architecture in Context: Vancouver
ENDS 221Sustainability by Design
ENDS 231Thinking by Design
ENDS 301Environmental Design Studio I
ENDS 302Environmental Design Studio II
ENDS 320Design, Media and Representation
ENDS 401Environmental Design Studio III
ENDS 402Environmental Design Studio IV
ENDS 420Technology and Technique
ENDS 440Environment and Urban Form
ENDS 482ASpecial Topics - SPECIAL TOPICS
ENDS 482CSpecial Topics - SPECIAL TOPICS
ENDS 482JSpecial Topics - SPECIAL TOPICS
ENDS 482KSpecial Topics - ARC STRUCTURES
ENDS 482OSpecial Topics - SPECIAL TOPICS