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Subject Code - RELG (Religious Studies)

Not all courses are offered every year. For current listings, consult the departmental website at:

Course Title
RELG 101Introduction to the Western (Abrahamic) Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
RELG 201Near Eastern and Biblical Mythology
RELG 203Scriptures of the Near East
RELG 209Eden to Exile: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
RELG 306Archaeology and the Bible
RELG 307Sex, Lies, and Violence in the Hebrew Bible
RELG 317The Origins of Christianity: Social, Religious, and Political Milieux
RELG 330The Origins of Judaism
RELG 414The Gospels and the Historical Jesus
RELG 475ATopics in Religion - TPCS IN RELIGION
RELG 500ATopics in Biblical Studies - BIBLICAL STUDIES
RELG 502BTopics in Judaism - TOPICS JUDAISM
RELG 503ATopics in the Post-Biblical Christian Tradition - LIT CHRISTN TRAD
RELG 649Doctoral Dissertation