Specializations: Here is a list of all of the programs with available specializations for the selected session. Click on the degree program to drill down into the subjects offered within the degree. You can then drill down into the specializations offered in that subject. If available, you can add/switch your specialization from this page (log in required).

Degree Program Description
BA Bachelor of Arts
BASC Bachelor of Applied Science
BEDE Bachelor of Educ (Elementary)
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BHK Bachelor of Human Kinetics
BMGT Bachelor of Management
BMS Bachelor of Media Studies
BSC Bachelor of Science
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
DSTC Devl Standard Teaching Cert
MA Master of Arts
MASC Master of Applied Science
MEL Master of EngineeringLeadershp
MENG Master of Engineering
MFA Master of Fine Arts
MSC Master of Science
PHD Doctor of Philosophy