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HIST 421A Honours Tutorial - HONOURS TUTORIAL

This course is not eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading.

Credits: 6

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FullHIST 421A 101Tutorial1 Thu14:0016:00

HIST 421A restricted to 4th year History honours students.

Remembering the Traumatic 20th Century: History, Memory, Tragedy: The traumas of the 20th century do more than linger in our memory. War and genocide, nuclear catastrophe and forced migration have all served to define our perception of past and present, self and society. And yet, by the very immeasurability of their horrors, such events continue to confound our efforts to remember and derive meaning  accurately, wholly, and ethically. This course asks students to delve into the murky world of memory studies with particular emphasis on its use in confronting traumatic pasts and revealing long hidden voices. Working through the disjunction between personal and collective memory, we explore the various ways in which we as individuals, groups, and societies attempt to construct and deconst and ~

ruct the traumatic past for our purposes in the present. Each week will center on a different theory, theme or methodological approach (e.g., oral history, photography, gendered remembrance, etc.) set against a revolving cast of historical events and contexts. Beyond participating in discussions, students will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on practice of specific methods, thus allowing them to grasp at a more fundamental level the obstacles and opportunities afforded by memory studies.