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ANTH 100A Introduction to Cultural Anthropology - INTRO CULT ANTH

Basic concepts and methods of anthropology; culture and race; comparative study of social systems, religion, symbolism, art, and other institutions. Examples are drawn from a variety of cultures.

This course is eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading. To determine whether you can take this course for Credit/D/Fail grading, visit the Credit/D/Fail website. You must register in the course before you can select the Credit/D/Fail grading option.

Credits: 3

Status Section Activity Term Interval Days Start Time End Time Comments
ANTH 100A 001Web-Oriented Course2 Mon Wed15:0016:00
ANTH 100A D1AWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri16:0017:00
ANTH 100A D1BWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri10:0011:00
ANTH 100A D1CWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri11:0012:00
ANTH 100A D1DWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri12:0013:00
BlockedANTH 100A D1EWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri16:0017:00
BlockedANTH 100A D1FWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri10:0011:00
ANTH 100A D1GWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri15:0016:00
ANTH 100A D1HWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri14:0015:00
BlockedANTH 100A D1IWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri14:0015:00
STTANTH 100A 002Web-Oriented Course1 Tue Thu11:0012:00

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Winter Term 1 (September-December) sections will be held online. Classes will include a combination of synchronous (live) and asynchronous activities (such as watching recorded lectures, posting to discussion boards, or competing quizzes). By the start of term, instructors will provide their students with more information on what to expect in their individual sections.

FullANTH 100A D2AWeb-Oriented Course1 Thu14:0015:00
ANTH 100A D2BWeb-Oriented Course1 Thu18:0019:00
ANTH 100A D2CWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri9:0010:00
ANTH 100A D2DWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri9:0010:00
ANTH 100A 003Web-Oriented Course1 Mon Wed16:0017:00

THIS COURSE WILL BE PROVIDED AS AN ONLINE COURSE. Anthropology 100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (synopsis)

This introductory course explores the central revelation of cultural anthropology; the idea that the social world in which we live does not exist in some absolute sense, but rather is just one model of reality, the consequence of one set of intellectual and spiritual choices that our particular cultural lineage made, however successfully, many generations ago. The other peoples of the world are not failed attempts to be us, failed attempts to be modern. Each culture is a unique answer to a fundamental question. What does it mean to be human and alive? When asked that question humanity responds in 7000 different languages, voices that collectively comprise our repertoire for dealing with all the challenges that will confront us as a species in the coming centuries. Every culture has somet and ~

hing to say, and each deserves to be heard.

Change and technology pose no threat to culture, but power does. These are not delicate societies destined to fade away; they are living dynamic peoples being driven out of existence by identifiable forces. If human beings are the agents of cultural loss, we can surely be the facilitators of cultural survival.

FullANTH 100A D3AWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri16:0017:00
FullANTH 100A D3BWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri10:0011:00
ANTH 100A D3CWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri11:0012:00
ANTH 100A D3DWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri12:0013:00
ANTH 100A D3EWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri13:0014:00
ANTH 100A D3FWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri14:0015:00
ANTH 100A D3GWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri12:0013:00
FullANTH 100A D3HWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri16:0017:00
BlockedANTH 100A D3IWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri12:0013:00
ANTH 100A D3JWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri10:0011:00
ANTH 100A D3KWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri13:0014:00
ANTH 100A D3LWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri11:0012:00
ANTH 100A D3MWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri10:0011:00
ANTH 100A D3NWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri11:0012:00
BlockedANTH 100A D3OWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri16:0017:00
BlockedANTH 100A D3PWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri13:0014:00
ANTH 100A D3QWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri14:0015:00
FullANTH 100A D3RWeb-Oriented Course1 Fri15:0016:00
ANTH 100A 400Web-Oriented Course2 Mon Wed14:0015:00

Anthropology is a discipline that seeks out different cultural perspectives on human experience. The things we tend to take for granted about modernity and progress, about gender and social roles, the nature of biology and environment, how the economy works, and the way we are meant to live with other people and species are all challenged by learning alternative ways of understanding, feeling, and being in the world. This class will introduce anthropological approaches based on cultural relativism. We will survey ethnographic case studies from various regions of the world to reflect critically upon histories of colonialism, ethnocentrism, power, resistance, and cultural resilience.

ANTH 100A D4AWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri10:0011:00

- Select one Discussion from sections D3A, D3B, D3C, D3D, D3E, D3F, D3G, D3H, D3I, D3J, D3K, D3L, D3M, D3N, D3O

ANTH 100A D4BWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri11:0012:00
ANTH 100A D4CWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri16:0017:00
ANTH 100A D4DWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri13:0014:00
ANTH 100A D4EWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri12:0013:00
BlockedANTH 100A D4FWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri16:0017:00
BlockedANTH 100A D4GWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri13:0014:00
ANTH 100A D4HWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri10:0011:00
BlockedANTH 100A D4IWeb-Oriented Course2 Fri11:0012:00