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ANTH 304A Ethnography of the Northwest Coast - ETHNOG NW COAST

Specialized study of ethnographic and theoretical problems of the region.

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Credits: 3

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ANTH 304A 100Web-Oriented Course1 Tue Thu15:3017:00

Anthropology 304, Ethnography of the Northwest: The focus of the course are the local Coast Salish peoples; we examine the archaeology of the area, the ethnohistory, anthropological models of modes of economy and organizing, and Coast Salish perspectives. You will also be introduced to particular Coast Salish people on film and in text and online, including Vi Hilbert, Sonny McHalsie, Martin Sampson, G. Bruce Miller, Lindsay Wilson, Saylish Wesley, and Scott Schuyler. Various time scales are taken up in the course, and in particular, the present.