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ASIA 461 Gender and Sexuality in Modern Iranian Narratives

Literary, cinematic, folk, and/or popular culture texts from modern Iran. Emphasis on constructions and contestations of masculinities and femininities, as they intersect with sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability, and/or religion.

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Credits: 3

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What do a late nineteenth century Iranian womans satirical diatribe in response to a misogynisttract; an Iranian male authors candid memoir of his infertility; a Persian joke cycle about thealleged cuckoldry of a citys men; and a documentary about the proliferation of sex-reassignmentsurgery in post-revolutionary Iran tell us about the structures of gender in modern Iranian cultureand society? In this course, we study literary, cinematic, folk, and popular culture texts from modern Iran, and contextualize them to explore their representations, constructions, and contestationsof dominant and/or marginalized notions of genderas well as its intersection with sexuality, race,ethnicity, ability, religion, and class.

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