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CENS 201 Contrasts and Conflicts: The Cultures of Central, Eastern and Northern Europe (in English)

An introduction to the cultural history of the peoples of Central, Eastern and Northern Europe as reflected in their literature, art and music.

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Credits: 3

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CENS 201 001Web-Oriented Course1 Tue Thu11:0012:30

In this course students will examine media texts on European crisis periods from WWII to today, while discussing media studies and cultural studies theories of representation. Each unit will focus on one specific media type and introduce students to the essential theory of that medium; however, each topic will be approached comparatively through a combination of media texts. Students will thereby strengthen their critical thinking and visual analysis skills, while developing their media literacy through an engagement with fundamental media studies theory. Units will include the Holocaust and Comics, Chernobyl and Film/Television, the "Refugee Crisis" and Photography/Photojournalism, the Sámi Indigenous People and Digital Storytelling, and COVID-19 and Meme/Internet Culture.

CancelledCENS 201 002Lecture2

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CancelledCENS 201 003Lecture2
CENS 201 004Web-Oriented Course2 Tue Thu14:0015:30

European Magic Tales - This class is about the function of magic in folk and fairy tales in Central, Eastern, and Northern Europe. What is magic? Where does it come from? Why does it fascinate us? We will read and watch works from and inspired by German, Scandinavian, and Slavic folk and fairy tales to come to a better understanding of magic's existence in the world, its origins, functions, and potential. Taught asynchronously online.