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HIST 105B Contemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective - WAR ON TERROR

Places issues and problems of current relevance such as disease, terrorism, drugs, or ethnic conflict in historical perspective. Each section will explore a single theme. Check with department for course offerings.

This course is eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading. To determine whether you can take this course for Credit/D/Fail grading, visit the Credit/D/Fail website. You must register in the course before you can select the Credit/D/Fail grading option.

Credits: 3

Status Section Activity Term Mode of Delivery Interval Days Start Time End Time Section Comments Course Requires
In-Person Attendance
HIST 105B 101Lecture1In-Person Mon15:0017:00

In 2021W, the topic for HIST 105B is The War on Terror: A Global History. This course relays a history of the varied conflicts, moral and legal issues, and ideological positions that make up the nebulous, ongoing 'War on Terror.' Beyond exploring the 'big' players and issues, we will undertake three more significant tasks. First, we will dive deep into local contexts to investigate the WOT's impact on diverse communities and individuals, exploring how they have experienced, contributed to and/or resisted the WOT. Second, we will examine how the WOT has helped create a politics of fear that permeates our existence and how people have confronted that politics. Finally, we will grapple with the challenges of understanding the history of a phenomenon in which we remain mired.

HIST 105B L01Discussion1In-Person Fri9:0010:00Yes
HIST 105B L02Discussion1In-Person Fri10:0011:00Yes
HIST 105B L03Discussion1In-Person Fri11:0012:00Yes
HIST 105B L04Discussion1In-Person Fri13:0014:00Yes
HIST 105B L05Discussion1In-Person Tue14:0015:00Yes
HIST 105B L06Discussion1In-Person Fri15:0016:00Yes