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Subject Code - ELEC (Electrical Engineering)

Course Title
ELEC 201Circuit Analysis I
ELEC 202Circuit Analysis II
ELEC 203Basic Circuit Analysis
ELEC 204Linear Circuits
ELEC 205Electronics Laboratory
ELEC 211Engineering Electromagnetics
ELEC 221Signals and Systems
ELEC 271Selected Topics in Biomedical Engineering
ELEC 281Technical Communication
ELEC 291Electrical Engineering Design Studio I
ELEC 292Biomedical Engineering Design Studio
ELEC 301Electronic Circuits
ELEC 302Electronic Circuits for Electromechanical Design
ELEC 311Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
ELEC 315Electronic Materials and Devices
ELEC 321Stochastic Signals and Systems
ELEC 331Computer Communications
ELEC 341Systems and Control
ELEC 342Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion and Transmission
ELEC 343Electromechanics
ELEC 344Applied Electronics and Electromechanics
ELEC 352Electric Energy Systems
ELEC 371Biomedical Engineering Instrumentation
ELEC 391Electrical Engineering Design Studio II
ELEC 400MTopics in Electrical Engineering - MCN LNG FDMT ENG
ELEC 400UTopics in Electrical Engineering - UGRAD RESRCH EXP
ELEC 401Analog CMOS Integrated Circuit Design
ELEC 402Introduction to VLSI Systems
ELEC 403Advanced Digital VLSI Systems
ELEC 404RF Integrated Circuits
ELEC 411Antennas and Propagation
ELEC 412Optical Waveguides and Photonics
ELEC 413Semiconductor Lasers
ELEC 415Semiconductor Devices: Physics, Design and Analysis
ELEC 421Digital Signal and Image Processing
ELEC 422Biosignals and Systems
ELEC 431Communication Systems I
ELEC 433Error Control Coding for Communications and Computers
ELEC 441Control Systems
ELEC 442Introduction to Robotics
ELEC 451Power Electronics
ELEC 453Power System Analysis
ELEC 454Power System Analysis II
ELEC 455Power Systems Protection
ELEC 456Decision Support Methods in Power Systems Operation
ELEC 457Optimization of Power System Operation
ELEC 461Nanotechnology in Electronics
ELEC 462Sensors and Actuators in Microsystems
ELEC 463Micro/Nanofabrication and Instrumentation Laboratory
ELEC 465Microsystems Design
ELEC 471Medical Imaging
ELEC 473Biological Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
ELEC 474Biophotonics
ELEC 481Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects
ELEC 491Electrical Engineering Capstone Design Project
ELEC 491WElectrical Engineering Capstone Design Project - CAPSTONE DSGN A
ELEC 494Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design Project
ELEC 497FResearch Experience in Electrical Engineering - UGRD RSCH EXP
ELEC 497WResearch Experience in Electrical Engineering - UGRD RSCH EXP
ELEC 499AUndergraduate Thesis - UNDERGRAD THESIS
ELEC 499BUndergraduate Thesis - UNDERGRAD THESIS
ELEC 499CUndergraduate Thesis - UNDERGRAD THESIS
ELEC 501Analog Integrated Circuit Design
ELEC 502Advanced Topics in Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) Design
ELEC 503Integrated Circuits for High-Speed Data Links
ELEC 506CMOS Design for Photonics
ELEC 523Medical Imaging
ELEC 524Advanced Biophotonics
ELEC 542Nanoscale Modelling and Simulations
ELEC 544Advanced Microsystems Design
ELEC 546Micro and Nano Fabrication Technologies
ELEC 574Self-Tuning Control
ELEC 581Active Silicon Photonics Design
ELEC 582Optical Fibers and Devices
ELEC 584Nanophotonics Fabrication