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Subject Code - SOCI (Sociology)

One of SOCI 100, SOCI 101, SOCI 102 is prerequisite for most 300- and 400-level SOCI courses.

Course Title
SOCI 101Social Interaction and Culture
SOCI 102Inequality and Social Change
SOCI 200Sociology of Family
SOCI 217Research Methods
SOCI 240Introduction to Social Interaction
SOCI 250Crime and Society
SOCI 285Citizenship and Identity
SOCI 302Ethnic and Racial Inequality
SOCI 303Sociology of Migration
SOCI 310Canadian Society
SOCI 320Diversity in Family Forms
SOCI 328Social Statistics I
SOCI 352Organization of Work
SOCI 361Social Inequality
SOCI 371Classical Traditions in Theory
SOCI 380Sociological Methods: Survey Research
SOCI 382Sociological Methods: Qualitative Research
SOCI 387Drugs and Society
SOCI 410Selected Topics in Canadian Society
SOCI 414Feminist Theory
SOCI 480BUrban Ethnographic Field School (UEFS) - URB ETHN FLD SCH
SOCI 549AMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
SOCI 598ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
SOCI 598BDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
SOCI 598CDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
SOCI 649Doctoral Dissertation