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Subject Code - ANTH (Anthropology)

Course Title
ANTH 100Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 103Introduction to World Archaeology
ANTH 170Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 218Tourism, Desire and Difference
ANTH 260Ethnobotany: Plants and People
ANTH 270Phonology
ANTH 295RCurrent Topics in Anthropology - EXPLORE ARCH
ANTH 307Ethnographic Methods: Acquiring Research Skills
ANTH 313Anthropology of Gender
ANTH 320Central American Indigenous Medicine
ANTH 345Living in the Anthropocene
ANTH 350Ethnography of Special Areas
ANTH 353India in Motion: Ethnographic Perspectives
ANTH 373The Acquisition of Language and Cultural Practice
ANTH 377Sociolinguistics
ANTH 400History of Anthropology
ANTH 401Contemporary Theory in Anthropology
ANTH 409BTopics in Applied Anthropology - DIGITAL ARCH
ANTH 425Seminar in Medical Anthropology
ANTH 473Living Languages: Critical Approaches to Endangered Languages
ANTH 490FTopics in Anthropology - ANTH FOOD