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Subject Code - APSC (Applied Science)

Course Title
APSC 110Co-operative Work Placement I
APSC 169Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering Design
APSC 171Engineering Drawing and CAD/CAM
APSC 172Engineering Analysis I
APSC 173Engineering Analysis II
APSC 176Engineering Communication
APSC 177Engineering Computation and Instrumentation
APSC 178Electricity, Magnetism, and Waves
APSC 179Linear Algebra for Engineers
APSC 180Statics
APSC 181Dynamics
APSC 182Matter and Energy I
APSC 183Matter and Energy II
APSC 201Technical Communication
APSC 210Co-operative Work Placement II
APSC 246System Dynamics
APSC 248Engineering Analysis III
APSC 252Thermodynamics
APSC 253Fluid Mechanics I
APSC 254Instrumentation and Data Analysis
APSC 255Electric Circuits and Power
APSC 256Numerical Methods for Analysis
APSC 258Applications of Engineering Design
APSC 259Materials Science I
APSC 260Mechanics of Materials I
APSC 261Theory of Structures
APSC 262Digital Logic Design
APSC 310Co-operative Work Placement III
APSC 410Co-operative Work Placement IV
APSC 411Co-operative Work Placement V
APSC 412Co-operative Work Placement VI