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Subject Code - ARTH (Art History and Visual Culture)

Course Title
ARTH 101Art and Visual Cultures of the World I
ARTH 102Art and Visual Cultures of the World II
ARTH 115Popular Music and Visual Cultures
ARTH 202The Critical Viewer
ARTH 203Global Contemporary Art
ARTH 301Critical Viewing - Advanced Studies
ARTH 309Performance Art: Global Perspectives
ARTH 315History of 20th-Century Art
ARTH 320Art in Canada 1900-1970
ARTH 323Creative Activism: Art, Media, and Social Justice
ARTH 370Story and Image Across the Islamic World
ARTH 385African Dress and Fashion
ARTH 390Indigenous Art and Visual Culture
ARTH 395Renaissance Europe in a Global Context
ARTH 410Gender, Art, and Space in the Islamic World
ARTH 460FSelected Topics - OUTSIDER ART