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Subject Code - EDUC (Education)

Course Title
EDUC 104Introduction to Academic Pedagogy: An Aboriginal Perspective
EDUC 438Educating for the Whole Person
EDUC 442Community Field Experience
EDUC 517AContemporary Issues in Education - NAVGT ETHCL ISS
EDUC 521Readings and Discourse in Education
EDUC 524Language Teaching and Learning
EDUC 527Global Education, Citizenship, and Cross-Cultural Conceptions of Teaching and Learning
EDUC 529Building Communities: Education Beyond the Classroom
EDUC 560VDirected Studies in Education - POSITIVE PYSO
EDUC 562ESpecial Topics in Education - RQMT & SCH ASSMT
EDUC 562FSpecial Topics in Education - CURR EVAL RES ME
EDUC 598M.Ed. Seminar with Project
EDUC 599Senior Seminar with Thesis