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Subject Code - ENGL (English)

Course Title
ENGL 009Preparation for University Writing
ENGL 109Studies in Composition (Enhanced)
ENGL 112Studies in Composition
ENGL 114Studies in Composition: Aboriginal Perspectives
ENGL 150Introduction to Literary Genre
ENGL 151Critical Studies in Literature
ENGL 153Readings in Narrative
ENGL 155Writing and Making Technology in the Humanities
ENGL 156Environmental Literature
ENGL 203Topics in Composition
ENGL 212Children's Literature
ENGL 220Foundations: Literature in Historical Context 1
ENGL 221Foundations: Literature in Historical Context 2
ENGL 224Foundations: Reading Across Borders
ENGL 250Foundations: Interdisciplinary Theory and Method in Literary Research
ENGL 297Reading Animals
ENGL 305The Self-Conscious Text
ENGL 309AModern Critical Theory and Interdisciplinary Methods - MDN CRIT THRY
ENGL 319AStudies in Romanticism - STDY ENGL RMNTC
ENGL 333ACanadian Fiction - CANADIAN FICT
ENGL 337American Literature between the Wars
ENGL 339American Literature from the Civil War to WWI
ENGL 349C17th-Century Literature - RACE & GENDER
ENGL 352Shakespeare: Earlier Works
ENGL 353Shakespeare: Later Works
ENGL 355SStudies in Backgrounds to Literature: Special Topics - CDN SETTLR NARR
ENGL 357Restoration Drama and Culture
ENGL 377English-Canadian Screen Culture
ENGL 378Documentary and Docudrama
ENGL 379Colonialism and Decolonization
ENGL 394CInterdisciplinary Studies in English Literature - INTRD ST ENG LIT
ENGL 394DInterdisciplinary Studies in English Literature - INTRD ST ENG LIT
ENGL 394GInterdisciplinary Studies in English Literature - INTRD ST ENG LIT
ENGL 394HInterdisciplinary Studies in English Literature - INTRD ST ENG LIT
ENGL 395CPopular Literature - POP LIT
ENGL 395GPopular Literature - POP LIT
ENGL 397Contemporary Environmental Writing
ENGL 412AInterdisciplinary Studies in Critical Theory - CONST HYSTERIA
ENGL 423AApproaches to 17th-Century Literature: Special Topics - APP 17C LIT
ENGL 428Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
ENGL 430Feminist Forerunners: Early Modern Women's Literature and Contemporary Theory
ENGL 437BPostcolonial Studies - HUM LIFE NARR
ENGL 457Posthumanism and Critical Animal Studies
ENGL 462B20th- and 21st-Century British Studies - WOMEN FICT
ENGL 470ACanadian Studies - CDN SOUNDS
ENGL 493KTopics in Popular Culture - VMPRS POP CULT
ENGL 495QDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
ENGL 499Honours Essay
ENGL 501Methodologies: Critical Theory
ENGL 503Practices in the Profession of Literary Studies and Related Disciplines
ENGL 521ATopics in Historical Periods and Movements - PHUMAN & CRIT AN
ENGL 521BTopics in Historical Periods and Movements - FEM FORERUNNERS
ENGL 521ETopics in Historical Periods and Movements - GENDER POLI THRY
ENGL 525KStudies in Diversity and Identity - HUM LIFE NARR
ENGL 532ACulture and Location - CULT & LOCATION
ENGL 590Independent Research Paper
ENGL 599Master's Thesis