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Subject Code - ENGL (English)

Course Title
ENGL 009Preparation for University Writing
ENGL 109Studies in Composition for English Language Learners
ENGL 112Studies in Composition
ENGL 114Studies in Composition: Aboriginal Perspectives
ENGL 150Introduction to Literary Genre
ENGL 151Critical Studies in Literature
ENGL 153Readings in Narrative
ENGL 212Studies in Children's Literature
ENGL 215Reading Screens
ENGL 220Foundations: Literature in Historical Context 1
ENGL 221Foundations: Literature in Historical Context 2
ENGL 234Foundations: Indigenous Literature
ENGL 250Foundations: Interdisciplinary Theory and Method in Literary Research
ENGL 305The Self-Conscious Text
ENGL 309AModern Critical Theory and Interdisciplinary Methods - MDN CRIT THRY
ENGL 315AStudies in Backgrounds to 16th-Century Literature - BKG 16TH CENT LT
ENGL 333ACanadian Fiction - CANADIAN FICT
ENGL 338American Literature after World War II
ENGL 344ATopics in Medieval Studies - HOUSEHOLD ROM
ENGL 349C17th-Century Literature - RACE & GENDER
ENGL 357Restoration Drama and Culture
ENGL 365AMajor Authors of the 19th Century - WILDE
ENGL 383Contemporary British Novel
ENGL 387Indigenous Literature: Intellectual Traditions
ENGL 394AInterdisciplinary Studies in English Literature - INTRD ST ENG LIT
ENGL 395APopular Literature - POP LIT
ENGL 395CPopular Literature - POP LIT
ENGL 395DPopular Literature - POP LIT
ENGL 397Contemporary Environmental Writing
ENGL 412AInterdisciplinary Studies in Critical Theory - CONST HYSTERIA
ENGL 430Feminist Forerunners: Early Modern Women's Literature and Contemporary Theory
ENGL 445The Victorian Novel
ENGL 456BTopics in Auto/Biography - GRAPHIC MEMOIR
ENGL 457Posthumanism and Critical Animal Studies
ENGL 458Canadian Environmental Writing
ENGL 472BAmerican Studies - AFRICAN AM LIT
ENGL 493MTopics in Popular Culture - INTERACTIVE DOCU
ENGL 495ODirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
ENGL 497AFourth-Year Seminar - CHILDREN'S FIC
ENGL 499Honours Essay
ENGL 501Methodologies: Critical Theory
ENGL 503Practices in the Profession of Literary Studies and Related Disciplines
ENGL 521ATopics in Historical Periods and Movements - PHUMAN & CRIT AN
ENGL 521BTopics in Historical Periods and Movements - FEM FORERUNNERS
ENGL 522ATopics in Genre Studies - GRAPHIC MEMOIR
ENGL 522CTopics in Genre Studies - VICTORIAN NOVEL
ENGL 522HTopics in Genre Studies - CHILDREN'S FIC
ENGL 522MTopics in Genre Studies - INTERACTIVE DOCU
ENGL 523PTopics in National/International Literatures and Culture - CA ENV WRITING
ENGL 525HStudies in Diversity and Identity - CAN STUD: RECON
ENGL 590Independent Research Paper
ENGL 599Master's Thesis