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Subject Code - PHYS (Physics)

Course Title
PHYS 111Introductory Physics for the Physical Sciences I
PHYS 112Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences I
PHYS 121Introductory Physics for the Physical Sciences II
PHYS 122Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences II
PHYS 200Relativity and Quanta
PHYS 215Thermodynamics
PHYS 216Mechanics I
PHYS 231Introduction to Electronics
PHYS 232Modern Physics Laboratory
PHYS 301Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 304Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 305Introduction to Biophysics
PHYS 310Introduction to Medical Physics
PHYS 314Fluids
PHYS 321Stellar Astrophysics
PHYS 324Waves
PHYS 328Advanced Mechanics
PHYS 331Experimental Physics I
PHYS 336Introduction to Medical Imaging and Radiation Safety
PHYS 402Advanced Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 403Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 407Introduction to General Relativity
PHYS 420Data and Image Processing
PHYS 441Experimental Physics II
PHYS 448BDirected Studies in Physics - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHYS 449Honours Thesis
PHYS 474Solid State Physics
PHYS 534Radiotherapy Physics I
PHYS 535Radiotherapy Physics II
PHYS 539Radiation Dosimetry
PHYS 540Medical Imaging
PHYS 544Radiation Biophysics
PHYS 548ASpecial Topics in Medical Physics - TOPICS MED PHYS
PHYS 549Master's Thesis
PHYS 649Doctoral Dissertation