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Subject Code - SOCI (Sociology)

Course Title
SOCI 111Introduction to Sociology I
SOCI 121Introduction to Sociology II
SOCI 209Foundations of Sociological Thought
SOCI 212Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SOCI 217Introduction to Sociology of Gender
SOCI 228Sociology of the Anthropocene
SOCI 249Crime and Society
SOCI 271Statistical Analysis in Sociology I
SOCI 301BSociology of Development - SOC OF DEVELOP
SOCI 305Sociology of Families
SOCI 313Advanced Studies in Sociology of Gender
SOCI 362BSocial Inequality - SOC INEQUALITY
SOCI 371BDeviance and Social Control - DEVI & SOC CNTRL
SOCI 376Classical Sociological Theory
SOCI 377Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOCI 395Sociological Methods: Qualitative Research
SOCI 421Sociology of Fear
SOCI 429Globalization, Social Justice and Human Rights
SOCI 432Sociology of Food
SOCI 463APolitical Sociology - POLITICAL SOC
SOCI 467ASocial Movements - SOCIAL MOVEMENTS
SOCI 480Aging, Diversity, and Inequality: Global and Comparative Perspectives
SOCI 492Surveillance and Society