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Subject Code - FREN (French)

After successfully completing French courses at the 200-level or above, students can no longer take 100-level French courses for credit. FREN 220, 221, 222 and 223 must be taken by all students intending to proceed to the Minor and Major programs.

Course Title
FREN 102Beginner's French I
FREN 103Beginner's French II
FREN 104Beginner's French III
FREN 115First-Year Oral French Practice I
FREN 122Contemporary French Language and Literature I
FREN 123Contemporary French Language and Literature II
FREN 215Second-Year Oral French Practice II
FREN 221French Literature and Textual Analysis II
FREN 222Studies in French Language and Style I
FREN 223Studies in French Language and Style II
FREN 338French Civilization
FREN 344Techniques of Oral Expression in French I
FREN 353French Grammar
FREN 355Advanced Composition
FREN 360The Body in French Literature: 1100-1800
FREN 380Selected Studies in French
FREN 420FSelected Topics in French Literature and Culture - FRENLOVRSTORIES
FREN 453Advanced Grammar
FREN 458Translation I: French to English
FREN 480ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES