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Subject Code - LAW (Law)

Course Title
LAW 201Canadian Constitutional Law
LAW 211Contracts
LAW 221Criminal Law and Procedure
LAW 231Property Law
LAW 241Torts
LAW 251Public Law
LAW 261Transnational Law
LAW 281Legal Research and Writing
LAW 300Jurisprudence and Critical Perspectives
LAW 305DLaw, Society and State - LAW, SOC & STATE
LAW 306DCorporate Social Responsibility and the Law - CORP SOC RESPONS
LAW 307Women, Law and Social Change
LAW 310DEconomic Analysis of Law - ECON ANLY LAW
LAW 311DProperty Law and Theory - PROP LAW&THEORY
LAW 312DTopics in Philosophy of Law and Theoretical Perspectives - TPCS PHIL&THRTCL
LAW 315DTopics in Legal History - TPCS LGL HISTORY
LAW 316International Law
LAW 319International Human Rights
LAW 325Conflict of Laws
LAW 334Introduction to Asian Legal Systems
LAW 336Chinese Law: Implications for Canada-China Relations
LAW 338DJapanese Law - JAPANESE LAW
LAW 340Comparative Law
LAW 342ATopics in Comparative Law - TPCS COMP LAW
LAW 342CTopics in Comparative Law - TPCS COMP LAW
LAW 342DTopics in Comparative Law - TPCS COMP LAW
LAW 343CTopics in Public Law - TPCS PUBLIC LAW
LAW 343DTopics in Public Law - TPCS PUBLIC LAW
LAW 348DComparative Constitutional Law - COMP CONSTNL LAW
LAW 351ATopics in Human Rights - TPCS HUMAN RIGHT
LAW 351DTopics in Human Rights - TPCS HUMAN RIGHT
LAW 352Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Law
LAW 353Aboriginal and Treaty Rights
LAW 356First Nations and Economic Development
LAW 358DTopics in First Nations Law - TPCS 1ST NATIONS
LAW 359Family Law
LAW 362DTopics in Family Law - TPCS FAMILY LAW
LAW 367Reproduction and Law
LAW 372Administrative Law
LAW 374Municipal Law
LAW 377Immigration Law
LAW 378DRefugee Law - REFUGEE LAW
LAW 379BExternship - EXTERNSHIP
LAW 379CExternship - EXTERNSHIP
LAW 379DExternship - EXTERNSHIP
LAW 379EExternship - EXTERNSHIP
LAW 380AExternship Reflection - EXTRNSHP REFLECT
LAW 380BExternship Reflection - EXTRNSHP REFLECT
LAW 380CExternship Reflection - EXTRNSHP REFLECT
LAW 382Health Law
LAW 383Mental Health Law
LAW 386DSustainable Development Law - SUSTAIN DEVELOP
LAW 387Environmental Law
LAW 390Environmental Law Workshop
LAW 391DTopics in Environmental Law - TPCS ENVIR LAW
LAW 392Natural Resources Law
LAW 394Mining Law
LAW 400Advanced Criminal Procedure
LAW 401DPenal Policy - PENAL POLICY
LAW 404The Law of Homicide
LAW 407Taxation
LAW 408Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
LAW 409Taxation of Partnerships and Trusts
LAW 410International Taxation
LAW 411DTax Policy - TAX POLICY
LAW 412Taxation of Trusts and Estates
LAW 413DTax Administration and Dispute Resolution - TAX ADMN & DISPU
LAW 416Labour Law
LAW 418DResolution of Labour Disputes - RESOL LABR DISPU
LAW 419CIndividual Employment Law - INDV EMPLYMT LAW
LAW 419DIndividual Employment Law - INDV EMPLYMT LAW
LAW 421DTopics in Labour Law - TPCS LABOUR LAW
LAW 422Intellectual Property
LAW 423CTopics in Intellectual Property - TPCS INTELL PROP
LAW 424Communications Law
LAW 425DCyberspace Law - CYBERSPACE LAW
LAW 430Advanced Legal Research
LAW 432DTopics in Private Law - TPCS PRIVATE LAW
LAW 434Medical Negligence Law
LAW 435DTopics in Tort Law - TPCS IN TORT LAW
LAW 436DRestitution - RESTITUTION
LAW 437Commercial Transactions
LAW 438Secured Transactions
LAW 439Construction Law
LAW 440Insurance Law
LAW 442Condominium Law
LAW 443Creditors' Remedies
LAW 444Insolvency Law
LAW 448Sports Law
LAW 449Media and Entertainment Law
LAW 451Trusts
LAW 452Succession
LAW 453Equitable Remedies
LAW 455Real Estate Transactions
LAW 457Real Estate Development
LAW 459Business Organizations
LAW 460Advanced Corporate Law
LAW 461Corporate Transactions
LAW 462Close Corporations
LAW 463Securities Regulation
LAW 464Competition Policy
LAW 465Introduction to Corporate Finance
LAW 466Business Law Capstone
LAW 467CTopics in Corporate Law - TPCS CORP LAW
LAW 467DTopics in Corporate Law - TPCS CORP LAW
LAW 468Ethics and Professionalism
LAW 469Civil Procedure
LAW 470Innocence Project
LAW 471DPreventing Wrongful Convictions - WRONGFUL CONVCTN
LAW 472Advanced Trial Advocacy
LAW 473Appellate Advocacy
LAW 474Trial Advocacy
LAW 475ACompetitive Trial Advocacy Credit - COMP TRIAL AD
LAW 476Evidence
LAW 477Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
LAW 478Foundations of Dispute Resolution
LAW 488Clinical Term
LAW 489Clinical Term: Paper
LAW 490Clinical Criminal Law
LAW 500Current Legal Problems
LAW 503ETort Law - TORT LAW
LAW 504Property Law
LAW 505Canadian Public Law
LAW 506Taxation
LAW 507Evidence
LAW 508DBusiness Organizations - BUSNS ORGANIZTNS
LAW 509Administrative Law
LAW 524DMethodologies in Law and Policy - MTHDS LAW&POLICY
LAW 525Canadian Criminal Law and Procedure
LAW 530Advanced Legal Research and Writing
LAW 538Secured Transactions
LAW 552CTopics in Common Law Theory and Practice: Public Law I - PUBLIC LAW I
LAW 554CTopics in Common Law Theory and Practice: Comparative and International Law - COMP INT LAW
LAW 555CTopics in Common Law Theory and Practice: Legal Theory and Practice - LEGAL THEORY
LAW 556CTopics in Common Law Theory and Practice: Private and Commercial Law - PRIVATE LAW
LAW 557CTopics in Common Law Theory and Practice: Human and Group Rights Law - GROUPS LAW
LAW 560Seminar in Topics in Common Law Theory and Practice
LAW 561Fundamental Concepts in Tax Law
LAW 562Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
LAW 563Taxation of Partnerships and Trusts
LAW 564Taxation of Trusts and Estates
LAW 565International Taxation
LAW 566Tax Policy
LAW 567Tax Administration and Dispute Resolution
LAW 568ATopics in Taxation - TOPCS IN TAXATN
LAW 568CTopics in Taxation - TOPCS IN TAXATN
LAW 569CTopics in International Taxation - TPCS INTL TAXATN
LAW 610CDoctoral Seminar I: Issues in Legal Theory - DOC SEM I: ISS
LAW 611CDoctoral Seminar II: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Legal Theory - DOC SEM II: COMP