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Subject Code - ENGL (English)


Course Title
ENGL 110Approaches to Literature
ENGL 112Strategies for University Writing
ENGL 220Literature in English to the 18th Century
ENGL 222Literature in Canada
ENGL 223Literature in the United States
ENGL 229ATopics in the Study of Language and/or Rhetoric - LANGUAG/RHETORIC
ENGL 243Speculative Fiction
ENGL 301Technical Writing
ENGL 321English Grammar and Usage
ENGL 348AShakespeare and the Renaissance - SHAKESPEARE
ENGL 364ANineteenth-Century Studies - 19TH CENTURY
ENGL 406AStudies in Prose Fiction - FICTION STUDIES
ENGL 468AChildren's Literature - CHILDREN'S LIT
ENGL 470ACanadian Studies - CANADIAN STUDIES
ENGL 508ALinguistic Studies of Contemporary English - LING CNTMPRY ENG
ENGL 539DStudies in the Twentieth Century - STUDIES 20TH C
ENGL 547ADirected Reading - DIRECTED READING
ENGL 547BDirected Reading - DIRECTED READING
ENGL 547CDirected Reading - DIRECTED READING
ENGL 549CMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
ENGL 649Doctoral Dissertation