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Subject Code - GPP (Global Public Policy)

Course Title
GPP 501Microeconomic Analysis for Public Policy
GPP 502International Macroeconomics
GPP 503Measurement and Data Analysis for Policy
GPP 504Policy Analysis and Evaluation
GPP 505Domestic and Global Policy Process
GPP 506Public Management
GPP 508Policy in Context
GPP 509Communicating Policy
GPP 520Economics of Poverty
GPP 522Development Discourses and Practices
GPP 527Corporate Social Responsibility
GPP 541Policy Dimensions of Energy Systems
GPP 542Science, Technology, and Public Policy
GPP 543Sustainable Water Systems
GPP 544Economic Foundations of Environmental Policies
GPP 560Global Governance: Frameworks and Policy Debates
GPP 562Resource Governance, Environment and Human Security
GPP 564Security Challenges for Asian States and People
GPP 565Nationalism, Religion, and Ethnic Conflict in Asia
GPP 580Internet and Global Affairs
GPP 581Behavioural Foundations for Public Policy
GPP 582Public Engagement in Policy Decisions
GPP 584Policy Responses to Global Climate Change
GPP 590AGlobal Policy Project - GLOBAL POL PROJ
GPP 590BGlobal Policy Project - GLOBAL POL PROJ
GPP 591BSpecial Topics in Public Policy - TOPS PUBLIC PLCY
GPP 591CSpecial Topics in Public Policy - LIND INITIATIVE
GPP 591DSpecial Topics in Public Policy - TOPS PUBLIC PLCY
GPP 591GSpecial Topics in Public Policy - MIGR AND CITZ
GPP 591HSpecial Topics in Public Policy - ETHCS&PRXS RSRCH
GPP 591MSpecial Topics in Public Policy - HUMN RIGHTS&ENVR
GPP 591NSpecial Topics in Public Policy - POWER & PRACTICE
GPP 591OSpecial Topics in Public Policy - ASIA POLICY FALL
GPP 591PSpecial Topics in Public Policy - ASIA PLCY SPRING