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Subject Code - PHAR (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Course Title
PHAR 402Living Language: Science and Society
PHAR 403Clinical Skills: Administration of Injections
PHAR 405BDirected Studies in Clinical Pharmacy - DIR CLINCL PHAR
PHAR 405DDirected Studies in Clinical Pharmacy - DIR CLINCL PHAR
PHAR 408Clinical Pharmacokinetics
PHAR 409Renal Pharmacotherapeutics
PHAR 414BDirected Studies in Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics - DIR STUD PHARM
PHAR 420BDirected Studies in Pharmacy Education - PHARMACY ED
PHAR 440Pain Research and Therapy
PHAR 442Pharmacology IV
PHAR 444Directed Studies in Pharmacology
PHAR 444BDirected Studies in Pharmacology - DS PHARMACOLOGY
PHAR 448Pharmaceutical Toxicology
PHAR 450BSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450FSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450HSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450JSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450KSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450NSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450PSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 450RSelected Topics - SELECTED TOPICS
PHAR 451Therapeutics III
PHAR 452Therapeutics IV
PHAR 453BDirected Studies in Pharmacy Practice - DIR STDY PHAR PR
PHAR 453EDirected Studies in Pharmacy Practice - DIR STDY PHAR PR
PHAR 456Applied Pharmacoeconomics
PHAR 458Pharmacotherapy in Oncology
PHAR 462Non-Prescription Drugs and Self-Care of the Patient IV
PHAR 469Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience II
PHAR 471Pathophysiology II
PHAR 472Pathophysiology III
PHAR 479Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience - Community
PHAR 489Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience - Institutional
PHAR 499Cases in Pharmaceutical Sciences IV
PHAR 501Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics
PHAR 502Advanced Concepts in Pharmacokinetics
PHAR 506Critical Appraisal of Pharmacotherapy Literature
PHAR 508Advanced Applications in Clinical Pharmacokinetics
PHAR 515Nanomedicines
PHAR 533AClinical Clerkships I - CLIN CLERKSHP I
PHAR 534TClinical Clerkships II - CLIN CLERKSHP II
PHAR 535Pharm.D. Seminar
PHAR 540CTopics in Pharmacology - TOPICS IN PHARM
PHAR 548M.Sc. Seminar
PHAR 549BMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
PHAR 550ADirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHAR 550BDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHAR 550CDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHAR 550DDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHAR 550EDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHAR 550FDirected Studies - DIRECTED STUDIES
PHAR 560Advanced Economic Evaluation in Health Care
PHAR 570Physical Assessment
PHAR 590Research in the Pharmaceutical Sciences: Principles and Methods
PHAR 591Scholarly Integrity and Research Ethics
PHAR 592BFundamentals of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Disciplines - FNDMNTL PHAR SCI
PHAR 648Seminar for Ph.D. Students
PHAR 649Doctoral Dissertation