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Subject Code - ASIA (Asian Studies)

All Asian Studies courses are conducted in English.

Course Title
ASIA 200Cultural Foundations of East Asia
ASIA 211Sex, Sexual Ethics, and Asian Religions
ASIA 250Introduction to Buddhism
ASIA 304Survey of South and Southeast Asian Performing Arts
ASIA 317The Rise of Korean Civilization
ASIA 319Contemporary Chinese Popular Cultures
ASIA 320History of Early China
ASIA 324Literature of Hong Kong
ASIA 325Hong Kong Cinema
ASIA 326Critical Approaches to Manga and Anime
ASIA 329Gender in South and Southeast Asia
ASIA 345Chinese Film Classics
ASIA 353Introduction to Hindi Film
ASIA 354Introduction to Japanese Cinema
ASIA 355History of Chinese Cinema
ASIA 371Foundations of Chinese Thought
ASIA 495Folk Cultures in the Asian Diaspora
ASIA 561AProblems of Modernization in Eastern and Southern Asia - MODERN S&E ASIA
ASIA 580ADirected Readings - DIRECTED READING
ASIA 599BMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS
ASIA 699Doctoral Dissertation