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Subject Code - PHIL (Philosophy)

Philosophy is an interdisciplinary subject, and students with training in other subjects may be adequately prepared to take on a course even though they lack the formal prerequisites. Students are encouraged to consult with the instructor. Variable credit courses: Most 200-, 300-, and 400-level courses in Philosophy are offered for 3 credits, but may be taken for 4 credits for extra work with the consent of the instructor. Students should consult the instructor if they wish to exercise this option as it may not be available in all sections. For detailed information about courses and topics within courses, see the departmental website (

Course Title
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 102Introduction to Philosophy II
PHIL 120Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHIL 220Symbolic Logic
PHIL 230Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 240Introduction to Epistemology
PHIL 250Minds and Machines
PHIL 331Business and Professional Ethics
PHIL 333Bio-Medical Ethics
PHIL 347APhilosophy of Religion - PHIL OF RELIGION
PHIL 347BPhilosophy of Religion - PHIL OF RELIGION
PHIL 375Philosophy and Literature
PHIL 385Existentialism
PHIL 488Directed Reading
PHIL 585Directed Reading
PHIL 599MA Thesis
PHIL 699Doctoral Dissertation