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Subject Code - GEOG (Geography)

Course Title
GEOG 108Earth Systems: Weather, Climate, and Life
GEOG 109Earth Systems: Landscape Dynamics
GEOG 128Human Geography: Space, Place, and Community
GEOG 129Human Geography: Resources, Development, and Society
GEOG 200Atmospheric Environments
GEOG 205Introduction to Hydrology
GEOG 221Food Systems I: System Thinking
GEOG 222Geomorphology
GEOG 255Space and Culture
GEOG 271Geographic Data Analysis
GEOG 304Anthropogenic Climate Change
GEOG 314Environmental Impact Assessment: Process, Regulation and Administration
GEOG 316Geography of Natural Hazards
GEOG 317The Physical Environment of British Columbia
GEOG 318Rural Geographies
GEOG 351Urban Social Geography
GEOG 354Urban Canada: Growth, Form, and Structure
GEOG 356Stratigraphy and Sedimentology
GEOG 359Culture, Space, and Politics
GEOG 367Energy Resources Management
GEOG 422Fluvial Geomorphology
GEOG 423Development of Environmental Thought
GEOG 431Resource Management Policy and Practice
GEOG 451Urban Planning
GEOG 458Population Geography
GEOG 466Soil Science
GEOG 491HSelected Topics in Geography - COMM ENG RSRCH
GEOG 498KDirected Studies in Geography - CAN URBANIZATION
GEOG 498QDirected Studies in Geography - SUST CERT TRSM