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Subject Code - HIST (History)

Course Title
HIST 100What is History?
HIST 102World History from 1500 to the Twentieth Century
HIST 103World History Since 1900
HIST 104ATopics in World History - STATE INTERVENTN
HIST 104BTopics in World History - COMMUNISM & AFTR
HIST 104DTopics in World History - GLOBAL MIGRATION
HIST 104ETopics in World History - FASCISM & ANTI
HIST 104FTopics in World History - CULTURES CONTACT
HIST 104GTopics in World History - TPCS WORLD HIST
HIST 104HTopics in World History - KILLER COMMODTS
HIST 105GContemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective - CONT GLBL ISSUES
HIST 106Global Environmental History
HIST 108Global History of Capitalism
HIST 202BGateway to the Middle Ages - MIDDLE AGES
HIST 220AHistory of Europe - HIST OF EURO
HIST 235History of Canada: Moments that Matter
HIST 236Public History in Canada: Memory, Representation, and Interpretation
HIST 237AHistory of the United States - HISTORY OF USA
HIST 240Health, Illness and Medicine I: From the Ancient World to the Early Modern Period
HIST 241Health, Illness and Medicine II: The Modern World from 1700 to the Present
HIST 250ALatin American History - LATN AMERCN HIST
HIST 256History of Africa
HIST 260Science and Society in the Contemporary World
HIST 270AChina in World History - CHINA WORLD HIST
HIST 271Japan and Global History, 1550 - 1900
HIST 273History of India
HIST 304Researching Local History from the Ground Up
HIST 305History of British Columbia
HIST 310The British Empire to 1850
HIST 313Africa from Imperialism to Independence
HIST 317Britain, 1850-1918
HIST 319Britain, 1945 to the Present
HIST 321AHonours Tutorial - HONOURS TUTORIAL
HIST 321BHonours Tutorial - HONOURS TUTORIAL
HIST 321DHonours Tutorial - HONOURS TUTORIAL
HIST 323Empires, Wars, and Revolutions in Europe and the Americas,1763-1838
HIST 324Inventing Canada, 1840-1896
HIST 325Canada 1896-1945: Boom, Bust and War
HIST 326Canada Since 1945: Affluence and Anxiety in the Atomic Age.
HIST 333AThird-Year Honours Seminar - 3RD YR HONRS SEM
HIST 333BThird-Year Honours Seminar - 3RD YR HONRS SEM
HIST 333CThird-Year Honours Seminar - 3RD YR HONRS SEM
HIST 341Medieval Jewish History
HIST 346History of Modern France
HIST 350The Soviet Union
HIST 351AEast Central Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries - E&C EURO 19/20 C
HIST 352Modern Middle Eastern Histrory
HIST 356Twentieth-Century Germany
HIST 357History of Mexico
HIST 358State and Society in 20th century Cuba
HIST 363Europe in the Early Middle Ages
HIST 365Europe During the Renaissance
HIST 366Europe During the Reformation
HIST 368Europe in the 19th Century
HIST 369Europe, 1900-1950
HIST 370Europe Since 1950
HIST 373History of Hong Kong
HIST 376AModern Japanese History Since 1800 - JAPAN SINCE 1800
HIST 379History of Later Imperial China
HIST 380CThe Making of Modern China: Nationalism, War, Revolution - MODERN CHINA
HIST 382Post-Colonial Southeast Asia
HIST 385India from Raj to Republic
HIST 390BTopics in History - TOPICS IN HIST
HIST 390DTopics in History - TOPICS IN HIST
HIST 391Human Rights in World History
HIST 393Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science
HIST 394Darwin, Evolution, and Modern History
HIST 396Environmental History of North America
HIST 399ATheory and Practice of History - THRY&PRCT HIST
HIST 402AProblems in International Relations - POSTCOLONIAL I/R
HIST 402BProblems in International Relations - IRELAND IN I/R
HIST 403ASeminar in the History of International Relations - ORIGINS OF WWI
HIST 403BSeminar in the History of International Relations - INTRNATNL RELTNS
HIST 403DSeminar in the History of International Relations - INTL LAW & CDA
HIST 403ESeminar in the History of International Relations - WAR STRATEGY
HIST 403FSeminar in the History of International Relations - GRAPHIC NOVEL
HIST 403GSeminar in the History of International Relations - MDRN NRTH AFRICA
HIST 403JSeminar in the History of International Relations - MIGRTN AMERICAS
HIST 403KSeminar in the History of International Relations - CONSTRUC OF RACE
HIST 403LSeminar in the History of International Relations - INTL COMMUNIST
HIST 405Diplomacy and Conflict in the Middle East, 1914 to the Present
HIST 406The Second World War
HIST 408U.S. Foreign Relations from Independence to World War II
HIST 409U.S. Foreign Relations since 1945
HIST 413Imagining the Nation: 19th- and 20th-Century Canada
HIST 415History of Vancouver
HIST 419Crime and Punishment in Canadian History
HIST 420DTopics in Canadian History - DRUGS IN CANADA
HIST 421AHonours Tutorial - HONOURS TUTORIAL
HIST 421BHonours Tutorial - HONOURS TUTORIAL
HIST 421DHonours Tutorial - HONOURS TUTORIAL
HIST 425War and Society
HIST 432International Relations in the Twentieth Century
HIST 433Fourth-Year Honours Seminar
HIST 440History of Health in the Modern West
HIST 441History of the Holocaust
HIST 449Honours Essay
HIST 450ASelected Topics in Latin American History - SOCCER IN LAT-AM
HIST 460Revolution and Resistance in the Third World
HIST 478Medieval Portraits and Personalities
HIST 485Asian Migrant Communities in Vancouver
HIST 490ASeminar for Majors in History - PWR & ENVIR NA
HIST 490BSeminar for Majors in History - USES OF PAST
HIST 490RSeminar for Majors in History - VIOLENCE & RACE
HIST 490TSeminar for Majors in History - EARLY MOD MEDTRN
HIST 490WSeminar for Majors in History - HIST OF EMOTIONS
HIST 490YSeminar for Majors in History - CNADA & THRD RCH
HIST 500Readings in Canadian History
HIST 547DReadings: Special Topics in History - SPEC TOPICS HIST
HIST 548DHistoriography - HISTORIOGRAPHY
HIST 549Master's Thesis
HIST 575AReadings in International and Global History - INTL&GLBL READNG
HIST 575BReadings in International and Global History - INTL&GLBL READNG
HIST 595APublic History - PUBLIC HISTORY
HIST 597BTopics in Comparative History - COMP HIST TOPICS
HIST 599M.A. Research Seminar
HIST 649Doctoral Dissertation
HIST 699Ph.D. Research Seminar