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Subject Code - HIST (History)

Course Title
HIST 103 World History Since 1900
HIST 106 Global Environmental History
HIST 311 The British Empire after 1850
HIST 326 Canada Since 1945: Affluence and Anxiety in the Atomic Age.
HIST 339 The United States Since 1945: The Limits of Power
HIST 369 Europe, 1900-1950
HIST 378 History of Early China
HIST 380C The Making of Modern China: Nationalism, War, Revolution - MODERN CHINA
HIST 390A Topics in History - TOPICS IN HIST
HIST 403K Seminar in the History of International Relations - INTRNATNL RELTNS
HIST 420A Topics in Canadian History - TPCS CAN HISTORY
HIST 425 War and Society
HIST 441 History of the Holocaust
HIST 549 Master's Thesis
HIST 649 Doctoral Dissertation